When we started the Natural Building Network in 2006 we had great plans to bring together lovers of Natural Building in all their wonderful forms. Nature conspired with us to fulfill some of our ambitions. We were able to facilitate some lovely gatherings to help with the coalescing of the "tribe". We were also able to help connect newbies with learning opportunities, builders with clients and code officials with valuable engineering data. But a while back website issues began to limit our functionality to a semi-functional directory and calendar while serious life transitions like new babies and heart attacks left us with limited energy to give to NBN. 


The result has been an organization holding space while being essentially without momentum or direction while other resources have grown up to quite respectably fill the niches we saw ourselves holding. Facebook groups and other meetups are effectively connecting the social dots across the globe while Oliver Swann's Naturalhomes.org website fills our screens with gorgeous eye candy. High profile demonstration opportunities like the Mother Earth News Fairs and Kevin Rowell's festival installations are spreading the good word about the benefits of Natural Building. Organizations like DCAT.org, Ecological Building Network (ecobuildingnetwork.org), and Portland's Alternative Technology Committee are making progress in the mainstreaming and code acceptance of NB.


So while the NBN board has with a collective wistful sigh voted to close up shop, we are greatly encouraged that in most of the important ways someone is carrying on and doing a better job of it than we could. We have looked for someone(s) who can put nbnetwork.org to its highest use, but so far everyone seems deliciously busy right where they are. So over the next few weeks we are turning off the website, dismantling the non-profit, and returning the little money in our accounts to the folks who so kindly donated it in reverse order until it is gone.


The mud doesn't was off though. We'll still see each other around. Hopefully you will join many of us at the Black Range Lodge in Kingston New Mexico October 18-25 2015 for the 20th anniversary Natural Building Colloquium ( Susan Klinker <suzklink@gmail.com>, or call or text 801-509-1972). If you have any questions or to stay in touch please email me info@unclemud.com or call 440-221-6609.


Chris McClellan (Uncle Mud)

Natural Building Network